How to Install a Video Card

videocard pins

The next step on how to build a computer is installing the video card. The Video Card step is by far the easiest and most simple step to complete.

1. Remove the video card from its packaging and look at adapter portion of it. Identify which slot on the motherboard that it will fit into and make sure to clear the area in which the video card will sit in (so that there is no wires in the way).

Identify on your videocard the pin portion that will insert into the
motherboard, and the metal plating that will screw into the case.
videocard pins

Locate which slot the videocard will plug into on your motherboard,
and remove the screws where the metal plating will sit.
videocard mobo slot

2. Look at the back of your computer case and figure out which rear slot you need to open up for your video card. Once identifying which rear slot the video card will poke out of, you must then open up that area on the back of the computer case. At this point begin to unscrew the metal plating on the computer case that is blocking the rear slot in which the video card will be accessible.

3. After making one last check that the area the video card is going in to is clear of wires, go ahead and plug the video card into its corresponding slot on the motherboard. To do so, start off by plugging the area closest to the back of the computer case in first, and then slowly rock the rest of the video card into its slot. Once the video card is pushed fully into the slot on the motherboard you will see and hear the PCI-E lever on the slot *Click* into place. Make sure the video card clicked into place and that everything lines up correctly, including that the ports on the video card correctly stick out of the back of the computer case.

4. Take the screws you took out of the computer case during step 2 and begin to screw them back in, but this time make sure they also hold the video card in place. The video card should have metal plating on the side closest to the computer case with a hole for the screw to go through or a hook like design to grab on to the screw.

Insert the videocard into the motherboard and tighten the screws
through the metal plating into the computer case.
videocard screw

5. Find a 6-pin power supply wire and plug it into your video card. If your power supply did not come with a 6-pin power supply wire, you can purchase a wire that converts 2x 4-pin power wires into a 6-pin PCI-E video card wire. Most performance video cards require their own power supply wire (if not 2 of them!), however if you have an old video card it might not require its own power wire

Grab the 6-pin wire from the power supply, and plug it in to the videocard.
videocard power

Once this is completed, you will have successfully installed your video card and we can move on to the next step of how to build a computer. The final step of how to build a computer is to install your Memory Modules, click the link below.

Step 1: Picking out your high performance computer parts
Step 2: Installing your Power Supply
Step 3: Installing the CPU
Step 4: Installing the Motherboard
Step 5: Installing the DVD and Hard drives (Or SSD drives)
Step 6: Installing the Video card (graphics card)
Step 7: Installing the Memory sticks

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