How to Install Power Supply

Power Supply in Case
Power Supply in Case

The first step of how to build a custom gaming computer is installing your power supply. If you still need to pick out a power supply for your gaming computer check out our Gaming Computer Parts List, otherwise lets start!

To start off, take the screws off the back of the computer case of one of the side panels. Most computer cases have Thumb-screws which you can take off without the need for any tool and can be removed simply by twisting the screw with your hand. Some computers might only have one master screw others might have 3-4 screws. After taking the side off on your computer we will begin to install your first part, the power supply.

1. Identify whether your power supply unit goes on the top part of your computer case or the bottom of the case. To do this look at the back of your computer case and find the biggest hole for a power wire or a full square cutout (the size of your power supply). This will be where the power wire that plugs into the wall also plugs into your computer. Wherever this hole is located, the power supply unit will be attached to the inside of this portion of the case.

2. Make sure the voltage is set correctly. Power supply units typically have 2 different modes, one of which is 110/120 volts, and the other is set for 220v. In the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Central America, we set it to 110/120v. However, in most other countries including those of Europe, Russia, India, China, most of Africa, and the lower part of South America, you need to set it to 220v. There is a red switch on the back of the power supply unit, near where the power cord goes, that allows you to toggle between the two different voltages simply by moving the switch to the left or right with a flat head screwdriver.

3. Take the power supply unit and begin to line it up in the correct location(top/bottom) of your computer case. The fan should be blowing the air out towards the rear while the main power supply wires face toward the front of the computer. Some power supply units also blow air toward the center of the case. If your power supply has 2 vents blowing air, make sure one blows out of the computer, while the other blows into the center.

Line up the Power Supply for installation.
Power Supply Installation
Power Supply Installation

4. Once the unit is in its correct location, make sure the holes in the power supply line up with the screw holes on the back of the case. Once lined up correctly, begin to insert the screws and tighten the power supply into its location.

Place it inside the case. Line the back up correctly, fan facing upwards,
and wires toward the front of the case.
Power Supply in Case
Power Supply in Case

Line up the holes on the computer case with the power supply
and screw the screws in.
How to Screw in Power Supply
How to Screw in Power Supply

These are the different types of wires that come off the power supply.
Power Supply Wires and What they go to
Power Supply Wires and What they go to

After you have done this, your power supply unit is good to go and we will move on to the next step of how to build a computer. The second step of building your computer is to install your CPU and CPU fan.

Step 1: Picking out your high performance computer parts
Step 2: Installing your Power Supply
Step 3: Installing the CPU
Step 4: Installing the Motherboard
Step 5: Installing the DVD and Hard drives (Or SSD drives)
Step 6: Installing the Video card (graphics card)
Step 7: Installing the Memory sticks

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