How to Install Memory Modules

memory lock lever

The final step of how to build a computer is to install the memory modules. When it comes to installing your memory modules the first thing you want to do is check the manual for the motherboard. Most new motherboards have anywhere from two to six slots. The order in which you place your memory modules varies on different motherboards and its usually not just placing the memory modules in the first open slots.

1. Make sure to ground yourself to prevent any static electricity. This can easily be done by touching any metal part on the outside of your case. Static electricity is any electronics’ nemesis and can harm the hardware.

Locate the pin portion of the memory module that
will insert into the motherboard.
memory modules

2. After figuring out which slots the memory modules are going to be placed into your motherboard, go ahead and remove the memory modules from their packaging. When handling these memory modules it is important to make sure you touch the edges of the memory modules and not grasp all over the electronics.

Identify in the motherboard manual which slots the memory modules will
be inserted in. On this particular motherboard it is the gray slots.
motherboard memory slots
Unlock the locking mechanisms in the slots where the memory
modules are going to be plugged in to.
memory unlock lever

3. Insert the memory module in to its correct slot on the motherboard. Apply pressure and press down until the memory module is all the way inserted. As you push the memory modules down in to their slots, the locking clips on the side should be getting pushed up. Once the module is all the way in the locking clip should be almost all the way up. At this point help the locking clip into its locking position. While slightly pushing the memory module, if the clip goes all the way up and locks in to place then that module is installed. If you are unable to lock the clip in to its place, then the module is not all the way in or something is stopping it, so take the memory module out and try again.

Insert the memory modules and push them down.
Lock the locking mechanism into place.
memory lock lever

4. Continue to do this for every memory module until they are all installed in their correct slot. The memory module slots are usually color coded so that you know what slots to use first. For example if you bought two memory modules and there are 4 slots for memory on your motherboard, 2 slots may be yellow in color and the other 2 slots may be blue. You then read the motherboard manual and it may tell you that the first two memory modules go into the yellow slots and to only use the blue slots if you have 4 memory modules.

Once all your memory modules are installed in their correct location, this step is done and your computer is finally all set up. Make sure that all the wires in your computer are in a secure
position and nothing (including wires) is obstructing the path of your fans. Close the case up and let’s get ready for its first boot.

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