How to Install Hard drive, SSD and DVD Drives

dvd cd front slot

The next step on how to build a computer is to install the Hard drives, Solid state drives (SSD) and CD/DVD drives. Both CD and DVD are installed in the exact same manner. If you wish to install more than one you will just repeat the upcoming steps twice, once for each CD/DVD-ROM, but in a different slot on the front of your computer.

1. Look on the insie of your computer case, towards the front where the CD/DVD drive is supposed to go. Identify which slot you wish to place the hard drive in and proceed to remove those slots front face plate on the computer case. To do so on most computer cases all you have to do is push two tabs of the face plate together and gently punch it out. At this point there should now be an open gap in the front of your computer case which you will be able to slide your CD/DVD drive into.

Remove face plates from the computer case and slide the DVD drive in
dvd cd front slot


2. On most computer cases, there will be 2-4 screw holes on the side, where the DVD drive is going to be placed. These are to hold it in position and stop it from wiggling around. If there are already screws in place, make sure to take these screws out before trying to squeeze the drive into position. Once these screws are out begin to slide the drive into place making sure that it is resting on the little ledge sticking out from each side. Make sure to slide the drive back just enough so that it is not sticking out of the front and it runs along the front of the computer case smoothly. Once it is in this position begin to put the screws back in and tighten them securely.

Place 2-4 screws into the side panel of the case to hold the DVD drive in place
case sidepanel


3. Now that the drive is secured in place we will begin to hook it up on the inside your computer. First off, locate the power supply and find any “L” shaped power wire (or a 4 pin power wire for old CD-ROM drives) that comes off of it that also fits into the back of the CD/DVD-ROM, then plug it into the correct slot to give it power. IDE wires are not used very frequently and most new computers now use SATA wires, so it’s very easy just take one of the SATA wires and plug it into the open slot on the DVD drive, then take the other end of that wire and plug it into any open SATA slot on the motherboard besides the one labeled SATA slot 0. If there is no SATA slot 0 then try not to plug it into SATA slot 1, for this is for the hard drive which we will cover in a few minutes. Other than that any open slot is fine.

Plug the SATA and power wires into your DVD Drive
DVD SATA and Power


Plug the SATA wires from the DVD drive into the Motherboard
DVD SATA to Motherboard

After you have completed this, your DVD drive is set up and good to go and you may progress to installing the Hard Drive.


Installing the Hard drive (HDD) or Solid State Drive (SSD)

Installing the hard drive or solid state drive is very similar to install the DVD Drive.

1. The first step is to place the solid state drive (or hard drive) into the computer case. The image below is from an Antec where the hard drive rack is removable, but for most cases you will be able to just slide the hard drive into the bottom of the case and screw it in.

Place hard drive into case and screw it in
hard drive into rack


2. Then connect a SATA wire from the hard drive into the motherboard. Ideally it should go into the SATA 0 port, but nowadays the computer will recognize it no matter what SATA port on your motherboard it’s plugged into.

Connect hard drive to motherboard via a SATA cable
SSD connect to motheboard


3. Then look for a power cable (number 5 in the image below) and connect it to the hard drive and you’re hard drive/solid state drive is now completely connected.

Plug the power wire #5 into the hard drive

Power Supply Wires and What they go to
Power Supply Wires and What they go to


Time to install the video card!

Step 1: Picking out your high performance computer parts
Step 2: Installing your Power Supply
Step 3: Installing the CPU
Step 4: Installing the Motherboard
Step 5: Installing the DVD and Hard drives (Or SSD drives)
Step 6: Installing the Video card (graphics card)
Step 7: Installing the Memory sticks

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