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In this guide we will show you how to build a computer with the idea that plenty of people want to have the ability to buy and build a computer from scratch. The best way to obtain a gaming computer is to build a gaming computer yourself! What most people don’t know is that is VERY SIMPLE to build your own computer. By selecting each part to your gaming PC individually, you will be able to choose the exact specifications you want for your computer, as well as it being a lot cheaper than buying a pre-made gaming computer from a local retailer.

This website starts you off by selecting the computer parts you want from 3 pre-made custom gaming computer parts lists. However, if you want to use parts that we have not specifically recommended, the website also teaches you how to make sure your parts are compatible. Once you have chosen the parts to your gaming computer the website then goes into detail on how to build a gaming PC step by step with plenty of pictures.

The links above will walk you through each step on how to build your custom gaming computer. How to install a video card, CPU processor, hard drives, CD and DVD drives, the motherboard, memory modules and the power supply are all covered with each step having plenty of picture instructions!


Tools – As far as the tools needed to build a custom gaming computer you won’t need very many. The most basic one that will cover 99% of assembling your computer together is your generic Phillips-head screwdriver (the “+”/cross screwdriver). Odds are you will probably drop a screw or two while trying to screw in the motherboard so a magnetic screwdriver is useful.

Also a small flash light will make it much easier to see inside your computer case during the assembly process.

Computer Parts Needed:

  1. PC Case
  2. Motherboard
  3. CPU/Processor
  4. CPU/Processor Fan
  5. Thermal Compound/Silver Paste
  6. Power Supply
  7. Hard Drive
  8. CD/DvD-ROM Drive
  9. Memory Modules/Sticks
  10. Video Card
  11. Operating System(Windows/Linux)

Check out the gaming computer part selection page to help you choose which computer parts are right for you.

Upon purchasing these parts, most items will come in a Static Proof Bag, these bags are to protect your computer parts from static electricity that would fry it, which we will cover later.
You want to leave your parts in this bag until you are ready to put them inside your computer and even then don’t set your computer parts on the carpet keep the parts on top of these bags or on a hard non-static surface.

Once you have acquired all of these items, you are ready to start building your gaming computer. The first step is to pick out the appropriate parts to build your gaming computer. Use the link below to get started.

Step 1: Picking out your high performance computer parts

Step 2: Installing your Power Supply
Step 3: Installing the CPU
Step 4: Installing the Motherboard
Step 5: Installing the DVD and Hard drives (Or SSD drives)
Step 6: Installing the Video card (graphics card)
Step 7: Installing the Memory sticks

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